The 18 Best Places to Buy Gorgeous Throw Pillows (2024)

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Whenever my space feels a little blah, my tried and true trick is to swap out a few of my old throw pillows with a couple of fun, new ones. This small change can completely redefine your space, shifting your aesthetic and making it feel brighter, polished, and totally new. But where do you find the perfect throw pillow? With so many places to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start — but fear not. Whether you’re looking to invest in versatile throw pillows that will look good all year long, or you simply want to swap out your pillows for something a bit more seasonal, we’ve rounded up 75 places you have to check out to find the perfect throw pillows for any space (and style!).

Do you have a go-to source you swear by for awesome throw pillows? We want to hear all about it! Share your favorite places in the comments below.

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The popular retailer may be best known for its fashion offerings, but did you know H&M is also home to a killer home department? Featuring tons of contemporary designs, run the gambit from bold and eye-catching to chic and neutral, like this tassel accented pick, all coming in at an affordable price.

For a wide range of more affordable options, you can’t go wrong with . The retailer allows you to shop by color, shape, type, and room type to find the perfect decorative pillows. This corduroy pillow will elevate any space with its intricate details and subtle colors (and feel free to mix and match — there are six hues to choose from!).

From our partner

Night Sky Stars Pillow$49Spoonflower

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From wallpaper and table linens to bedding and, yes, throw pillows, if you’re looking for a fun textile for your home, Spoonflower is one place you need to keep on your radar. With designs ranging from minimalist to maximalist, finding the perfect throw pillow (in your choice of linen cotton canvas, Belgian linen, Cyprus cotton canvas, performance velvet, or recycled canvas) for your space is easy. Only in the market for throw pillow covers? You can pick them up here, too, for just $39.

Freely Scribbled Terracotta Throw Pillow$32$25.60Society6

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You can always count on Society6 for fun designs and bold prints, and their pillow assortment is no different. Shop by art type, like illustration, photography, graphic design, and more, to find your ideal style, or search directly for designers you already like. We might be a little biased, but we love how our 2020 Pattern of the Year looks on this Terracotta throw pillow.

Leopard Navy Blue Throw Pillow$98$8354kibo

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Add unique accents to your home with the contemporary African designs of 54kibo. The brand exclusively sells products from top African designers, and their selection of throw pillows features bold graphic designs and beautiful threadwork. This vibrant pillow showcases contemporary African design in a colorful print, and is handmade in South Africa.

Cozy Weave Pillow Cover$54West Elm

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West Elm

West Elm is beloved for its chic mid-century designs, so is it any shock to hear it’s home to some of the chicest understated throw pillows around? Take this cozy pillow — handwoven from thick yarn, each pillow features a chunky knit design that’s soft to the touch and perfect for late night’s cuddled up on the sofa.

Squiggle Throw Pillow$39Urban Outfitters

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a treasure trove of quirky, trendy pillows that’ll suit nearly any home aesthetic. Although these pillows aren’t quite as cheap as other options on this list, most pillows on this retailer’s website are eye-catching. They come in unique shapes and patterns, like this squiggle checker pillow, that will create focal points on your couch or bed.

Ox Bay Geometric Stripes Organic Turkish Cotton Throw Pillow$

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QVC is beloved for its great deals on stylish home finds, and when it comes to throw pillows you can expect to find the same things. With scores of colors, designs, and sizes available (and new options constantly being added) the home retailer may not be the first place you think of, but it’s definitely one you should check out.

Reach Hook Pillow$59Jungalow

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When it comes to pillows with bold designs, Jungalow has you covered. The brand’s luxe home accessories will elevate any room you add them to, and the pillow collection is particularly good. If you’re looking for a throw pillow that will grab attention, check out the Reach Hook Pillow. With its bold colors and tropical motif, it’ll add some bold boho flair to your sofa.

Divit Sage Decorative Pillow$175John Robshaw

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John Robshaw

For unique, block-printed textiles, check out the distinctive pillow selection at John Robshaw. You’ll find one-of-a-kind prints in a range of sizes and all styles, all of which are painted, printed, and stitched by hand. Try this throw pillow to add a sense of zen to your space — the bold pattern and larger size mean it’s perfect for a bed.

Chill Out Hook Pillow$55Minted

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You might know Minted for their wedding invitations and stationery, but did you know they also have a great line of throw pillows? From minimalist designs to funky graphic prints, the selection at Minted is curated from independent artists and filled with unexpected finds. This “Chill Out” Pillow is a great addition to any colorful space looking to bring about a relaxing vibe.

Terracotta Classic Kuba Cloth Pillow$145St. Frank

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St. Frank

For handmade pieces sourced from artisans around the world, shop for your pillows at St. Frank. The range of sturdy, printed pillows showcase whimsical designs and lively colors, and all of them are ethically sourced and made using heritage craft techniques. Add this terracotta throw pillow to a neutral couch to create a finished, casual look.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

If you’re looking for multiple throw pillows for every room, shop . You can shop by style — like textured, geometric, faux fur, and more — to find the exact pillow you’re looking for. Plus, you can always find a deal. Considering swapping out your pillows for a summer vibe? This Tommy Bahama striped throw pillow is a great find.

Light Brown Bogolan Fabric Cushion$69Etsy

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For unique pillows tailored to your specific aesthetic, Etsy should be one of the first places you browse. From expertly embroidered cushions to contemporary monogrammed pillows, Etsy is the place to shop for customized, affordable designs from small businesses. This pillow from Aishea Home is made of durable mud/bogolan cloth, perfect for a modern boho space.

Botanical Embroidered Pillow$70Rifle Paper Co.

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Rifle Paper Co.

If you’re obsessed with Rifle Paper Co’s stationery, you’ll love their pillow selection, too. You’ll find the brand’s signature prints, ranging from bold and colorful patterns to sweet and simple florals. For example, this lovely Botanical Pillow will give your room year-round springtime vibes.

Pom Pom Velvet Series Decorative Throw Pillow, Set of 2$33.98Walmart

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For more affordable options, check out the array of pillows at Walmart. Shop by color, price, brand, and rating to find the perfect fit for your home — in particular, this is a good spot to find basic, monochromatic pillows. This pillow set, available in nine vibrant colors, will brighten up your space, especially amid neutrals.

Akia Pillow$65One Kings Lane

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One Kings Lane

For luxury designs that will delight everyone who visits your home, One Kings Lane has what you need. The retailer specializes in traditional, classically beautiful designs that will add a refined look to your space. We especially love the vibrancy of this red pillow, featuring zebras and a feather-and-down insert.

Angel Boucle Baby Knot Cushion$110JIU JIE

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If you’re on the hunt for a statement-making throw pillow, look no further than JIU JIE. JIU JIE was founded by Mexican-American designer Jeanette Reza and features knot pillows in all sorts of patterns, colors, and sizes. We particularly love this Angel Boucle option for a cozy touch.

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