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best dustin milligan movies and tv shows

Are you a fan of Dustin Milligan and looking for his best movies and TV shows to watch? You’ve come to the right place! Dustin Milligan is an actor known for his exceptional performances across various genres. He has delivered powerful portrayals in blockbuster movies and critically acclaimed TV shows, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

In this section, we have compiled a list of the best Dustin Milligan movies and TV shows that you must watch. From his top-rated films to his most popular television appearances, we have covered it all to keep you entertained.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dustin Milligan is a talented actor known for his exceptional performances.
  • In this section, we have covered the best movies and TV shows featuring Dustin Milligan.
  • From romantic comedies to intense thrillers, the list includes various genres of films and TV shows.
  • Don’t miss out on experiencing the versatile actor’s incredible body of work.
  • Grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy watching Dustin Milligan deliver unforgettable performances.

Dustin Milligan’s Early Career Breakthroughs

Before Dustin Milligan gained immense popularity, he made a name for himself with his exceptional talent and standout performances. His early career was marked by some remarkable roles that highlighted his potential. Some of his top-rated movies that laid the foundation for his successful career are as follows:

Movie Name Release Year IMDb Rating
The Butterfly Effect 2 2006 4.3
Shark Night 3D 2011 4.1
Final Destination 3 2006 5.8
Gunless 2010 6.5

These movies earned critical acclaim and were a testament to Milligan’s great acting abilities. His performances in these movies were some of his greatest and helped build a solid foundation for his future success.

Milligan’s dedication and commitment to his craft resulted in him being recognized as an up-and-coming actor in the industry, paving the way for his later roles in blockbuster movies and critically acclaimed TV shows.

Blockbuster Movies Starring Dustin Milligan

If you’re a fan of blockbuster movies, then you won’t want to miss these notable films featuring Dustin Milligan. From thrilling action flicks to heartfelt dramas, Milligan has showcased his acting range in these must-see films.

First up is the action-packed film Me Him Her, directed by Max Landis. The movie follows the story of Brendan, played by Milligan, who travels to Los Angeles to help his friend in crisis. While there, he meets a character who turns his world upside down, leading to a series of hilarious adventures.

Next up on our list is the heartwarming drama Bad City. Milligan plays the role of Jake, a young man struggling to come to terms with a devastating loss. The film offers a poignant and emotional journey of his character’s path to redemption, and Milligan delivers a nuanced and excellent performance.

Another film worth watching is the comedy hit Schwartz Vs. Schwartz. This movie stars Milligan as Josh Schwartz, a down-on-his-luck lawyer trying to win his wife back. This witty and charming film is a must-see for fans of romantic comedies.

blockbuster movies with Dustin Milligan

Last but not least is the sci-fi thriller Extraction. Milligan plays the role of Harry, a CIA agent who, along with his partner, goes on a dangerous mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA officer. The film is packed with action and suspense, and Milligan’s performance is exceptional.

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These blockbuster movies will keep you entertained and captivated with their thrilling plots and stellar performances from Dustin Milligan. Be sure to add them to your watchlist today.

Critically Acclaimed TV Shows with Dustin Milligan

If you’re a fan of Dustin Milligan’s work, you won’t want to miss out on his critically acclaimed TV shows. Known for his diverse range of roles, Milligan has showcased his exceptional talent in some of the most compelling series on television.

One of the most popular TV shows featuring Dustin Milligan is Schitt’s Creek, a hilarious comedy that follows the misadventures of a wealthy family after they lose everything and are forced to live in a small town they bought as a joke. Milligan plays the charming and handsome vet, Ted Mullens, who becomes a love interest for the series lead, Alexis. His performance as Ted showcases his comedic timing and ability to create genuine, memorable characters.

In addition to Schitt’s Creek, Dustin Milligan has appeared in other critically acclaimed TV shows such as 90210 and X Company. 90210 was a popular teen drama that followed a group of teenagers living in Beverly Hills. Milligan played the charming and popular Ethan Ward, who quickly became a fan favorite. In X Company, Milligan played Tom Cummings, an American spy who infiltrates a Nazi facility during World War II. His portrayal of Tom showcased his ability to handle dramatic roles and complex characters.

Critically Acclaimed TV Shows featuring Dustin Milligan

TV Show Role Year
Schitt’s Creek Ted Mullens 2015-2020
90210 Ethan Ward 2008-2010
X Company Tom Cummings 2015-2017

These TV shows featuring Dustin Milligan have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, earning him a reputation as one of the most versatile actors in the industry.

Romantic Comedies and Dramas

Experience the magic of Dustin Milligan in his captivating romantic roles. His charming persona and exceptional acting skills shine in the romantic comedies and dramas that have stolen hearts worldwide. Watch Dustin in swoon-worthy love stories and heartfelt performances that will make any night in complete.

Some of his most notable romantic roles include his portrayal of Mike in Man Seeking Woman, as Ethan in Schitt’s Creek, and as Josh in A Simple Favor. In these roles, Dustin portrays characters who are romantic, charming, and ever so loveable. These performances have resonated with audiences, making him one of the most in-demand actors in the genre.

“Dustin Milligan’s on-screen chemistry in romantic comedies is undeniable. His ability to bring heart and soul to his roles is what sets him apart from other actors.”

If you’re looking for a night of laughter, love, and heartwarming moments, then Dustin Milligan’s romantic comedies and dramas are a must-watch. Let him take you on a journey of love and unforgettable performances that will leave you wanting more.

Intriguing Thrillers and Mysteries

Get ready to be captivated by Dustin Milligan’s performances in thrilling and mysterious movies. Whether you love a good mystery or a heart-pumping thriller, Milligan’s roles are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

In the 2016 film “Me Him Her,” Milligan portrays Cory, a Hollywood heartthrob grappling with his sexuality and fame. The film’s intriguing plot and dynamic characters make it a must-watch for any Milligan fan.

In the 2010 psychological thriller “Repeaters,” Milligan stars as Kyle Halsted, one of three young adults stuck in a time loop at a drug rehabilitation center. Milligan delivers a captivating performance that captures the tension and mystery of the film’s plot.

The Table below presents movies featuring Dustin Milligan in thriller roles:

Movie title Release year Plot
Me Him Her 2016 A Hollywood heartthrob discovers himself and the true meaning of friendship and love.
Repeaters 2010 Three young adults in a drug rehab center experience the same day repeatedly and use their time to correct mistakes from their past.
The Entitled 2011 A group of kidnappers kidnaps three children of wealthy parents in an attempt to get a ransom, but it’s not easy as it seems to be.
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If you’re a fan of mystery and suspense, “The Entitled” is another must-watch film featuring Milligan, where he plays Nick Nader, the son of a wealthy businessman who is kidnapped alongside his two friends.

Milligan’s exceptional talent shines through in these gripping films, and his captivating performances will have you coming back for more.

Dustin Milligan’s Versatility in Different Genres

If you’re looking for an actor who can masterfully embody diverse roles across different genres, look no further than Dustin Milligan. From heartwarming romantic comedies to intense thrillers and everything in between, Milligan has proven time and time again that he can deliver powerful performances regardless of the genre.

One of the standout performances of Milligan’s career was in the romantic-comedy “The Perfect Man” alongside Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear. His portrayal of the charming and lovable Ben was both captivating and heartfelt, showcasing his outstanding talents in this genre.

Milligan’s versatility also extends to more dramatic roles, such as his remarkable portrayal of the troubled Jeff in “Extract,” directed by Mike Judge. His ability to convey complex emotions and inject nuance into his performances in both comedies and dramas have certainly not gone unnoticed by audiences and critics alike.

dustin milligan's diverse roles

In addition to romantic comedies and dramas, Milligan has also appeared in several gripping thriller movies, including the 2018 film “Bad Times at the El Royale.” In this movie, Milligan played the character of a traveling vacuum salesman who becomes embroiled in a dangerous scheme along with other peculiar guests of a hotel in Lake Tahoe. His portrayal of the enigmatic character showcased his exceptional range and versatility.

Whether he’s delivering heartwarming moments, intense performances, or comedic relief, Dustin Milligan’s ability to adapt to various genres is nothing short of impressive. He is an actor who has truly carved his space in Hollywood by delivering captivating performances in some of the most well-respected TV shows and movies.


Now that you’ve explored the best movies and TV shows featuring Dustin Milligan, it’s clear that he is a versatile actor who can deliver standout performances in any genre. From his early career breakthroughs to his impressive repertoire of critically acclaimed television shows, Milligan has cemented his place as a fan favorite.

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy or an intense thriller, there is a Dustin Milligan film or TV show that will capture your attention. With his exceptional talent and natural charisma, it’s no wonder Milligan has become a popular figure in the entertainment industry.

So grab some popcorn, get cozy on the couch, and prepare to be entertained by the talented Dustin Milligan. With his incredible body of work, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something that will captivate and entertain you.


What are the best movies and TV shows starring Dustin Milligan?

Some of the best movies and TV shows featuring Dustin Milligan include “Slither,” “Shark Night 3D,” “Final Destination 3,” “Schitt’s Creek,” and “90210.”

Which movies propelled Dustin Milligan into the spotlight?

Dustin Milligan’s early career breakthroughs include standout performances in movies like “In the Land of Women,” “Extract,” and “The Entitled.”

What are some notable blockbuster movies starring Dustin Milligan?

Some blockbuster movies featuring Dustin Milligan are “The Butterfly Effect 2,” “Me Him Her,” and “Demonic.”

Which TV shows has Dustin Milligan received critical acclaim for?

Dustin Milligan has received critical acclaim for his roles in TV shows such as “Schitt’s Creek,” “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” and “Runaway.”

What romantic comedies and dramas has Dustin Milligan appeared in?

Dustin Milligan has appeared in romantic comedies and dramas like “The Butterfly Effect 2,” “Love at First Bark,” and “Gunless.”

Which thrillers and mysteries has Dustin Milligan starred in?

Dustin Milligan has starred in thrilling movies like “Dead Awake,” “The Headhunter’s Calling,” and “Hidden Peak.”

In what different genres has Dustin Milligan showcased his versatility?

Dustin Milligan has showcased his versatility in genres such as comedy, drama, romance, thriller, and mystery. Some notable examples include “The Messengers,” “Leaving Wonderland… in a Fit of Rage,” and “Bad City.”

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