Uncover the Best Emma Stone Movies: A Guide for Film Buffs

best emma stone movies

Emma Stone is a Hollywood star who has impressed audiences with her versatility and talent. She has delivered captivating performances across various genres, leaving a lasting impact on the film industry. In this guide, we will explore the best Emma Stone movies that showcase her remarkable talent and provide insights into her career journey.

From her early beginnings to her current rise as a Hollywood star, Emma Stone’s journey in the movie industry has been marked by numerous outstanding performances. She has proved herself in comedy, drama, and musical roles, collaborating with some of the industry’s top directors and co-stars.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a movie buff, this guide will give you an in-depth look at Emma Stone’s career and highlight some of her best films. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to dive into the world of Emma Stone movies.

Key Takeaways

  • Emma Stone is a talented Hollywood star who has impressed audiences with her versatile performances.
  • This guide will explore the best Emma Stone movies across various genres, giving insights into her career journey.
  • Emma Stone’s career is marked by numerous outstanding performances in comedy, drama, and musical roles, collaborating with top directors and co-stars.
  • Whether you’re a fan or a movie buff, this guide will provide an in-depth look at Emma Stone’s career and highlight some of her most impressive films.
  • From her early beginnings to her current rise as a Hollywood star, Emma Stone has left a lasting impact on the film industry.

Emma Stone’s Early Beginnings in Film

Before Emma Stone became a household name, she started her career in film with a series of early roles that displayed her potential as an actress. Stone started acting at the age of 14, performing in local theater productions in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. Her early passion for acting eventually led her to Hollywood, where she landed a supporting role in the VH1 reality show “In Search of the New Partridge Family.”

Stone got her big break in film with her breakout performance in the 2007 teen comedy “Superbad,” where she played the role of Jules, the love interest of one of the main characters. The film’s success put Stone on the map, and she quickly became recognized for her natural charm and comedic timing on screen.

Following her success in “Superbad,” Stone continued to appear in a series of comedy films, including “The House Bunny” and “Zombieland.” In 2010, she starred in the coming-of-age comedy “Easy A,” which earned her critical acclaim and solidified her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Emma Stone’s early career showed her potential as an actress, and her performances in these early movies helped establish her as a talented and versatile performer. Through hard work and dedication, Stone has become one of the most recognizable and beloved actresses in the film industry today.

Emma Stone’s Rise to Stardom in Comedy Films

Emma Stone has proven herself to be a versatile actress capable of delivering standout performances in various genres, including comedy. With her natural comedic timing and charisma, she has captivated audiences in some of the most memorable and entertaining comedies of the past decade.

Film Title Role Description
Crazy, Stupid, Love Hannah Stone gave a memorable performance as the witty and confident Hannah in this romantic comedy.
The Help Skeeter Phelan Stone’s performance as the determined and idealistic journalist Skeeter Phelan earned her critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination.
Easy A Olive Penderghast Stone’s breakout role as Olive Penderghast, a high school student who pretends to be sexually promiscuous, showcased her comedic chops and likability to a wider audience.

Stone’s ability to balance humor and dramatic depth can be seen in her other notable roles in comedies such as “Zombieland,” “The House Bunny,” and “Superbad.”

Emma Stone’s performances in comedy films have not only showcased her talent, but they have also been box office successes, solidifying her status as a Hollywood star. With her upcoming role in the highly anticipated “Cruella,” fans can expect to see more of Stone’s engaging and entertaining performances on the big screen.

Emma Stone’s Captivating Performances in Dramatic Roles

Emma Stone has established herself as a versatile actress over the years, taking on various roles in films across genres. In particular, she has delivered some memorable performances in dramatic movies, showcasing her talent for serious roles. Let’s take a closer look at some of Emma Stone’s most captivating performances in dramatic films.

“La La Land”

Emma Stone won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in this romantic musical, where she played an aspiring actress named Mia. Her portrayal was both vulnerable and powerful, capturing the essence of the character’s dreams and struggles in pursuing her passion.

Emma Stone in La La Land

“The Help”

Another standout dramatic performance by Emma Stone was in the 2011 film “The Help,” where she played Skeeter Phelan, a journalist who uncovers the hidden stories of black maids in her hometown during the 1960s. Her sensitive and nuanced portrayal added depth and heart to the film, earning her critical acclaim.

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In this black comedy-drama, Emma Stone played Sam Thomson, the daughter of a washed-up actor played by Michael Keaton. Her character struggled with addiction and resentment, and Stone gave a raw and honest performance that portrayed the complexities of addiction and its impact on relationships.

“The Favourite”

Emma Stone’s most recent dramatic role was in the historical period piece “The Favourite.” She played Abigail Masham, a servant who rises to become a confidante of Queen Anne. Her performance was both clever and cunning, showcasing her talent for playing complex and morally ambiguous characters.

Emma Stone’s performances in dramatic roles have been nothing short of impressive, proving her versatility and talent as an actress. With each role she takes on, she continues to challenge herself and deliver memorable performances that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Emma Stone’s Collaborations with Acclaimed Directors

Throughout her career, Emma Stone has worked with some of the film industry’s top directors, resulting in memorable and critically acclaimed movies.

Director Film
Woody Allen Irrational Man
Cameron Crowe Aloha
Damien Chazelle La La Land

Emma Stone’s collaboration with Woody Allen in Irrational Man received mixed reviews, with some praising her performance and others criticizing the controversial director. However, her partnership with Damien Chazelle in La La Land resulted in critical acclaim and numerous awards, including an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Emma Stone has also worked with Cameron Crowe, known for his romantic comedies, in Aloha, where she played an Air Force pilot alongside Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams.

These collaborations have allowed Emma Stone to showcase her talent as an actress and work with some of the best in the business.

Emma Stone’s Musical Ventures on the Silver Screen

Emma Stone’s talent goes beyond acting, as she has showcased her singing and dancing abilities in musical films, captivating audiences with her versatility. From the enchanting “La La Land” to the musical comedy “Easy A,” Emma Stone has proven that she can hold her own in the world of musical cinema.

Film Character Vocal Performance
La La Land Mia Dolan Stone’s performance of “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” earned her critical acclaim and an Academy Award for Best Actress.
Easy A Olive Penderghast In this musical comedy, Emma Stone delivers a hilarious rendition of “Pocketful of Sunshine.”
The Croods: A New Age Eep Crood Stone shows off her vocal chops in this animated film, contributing to the film’s musical numbers.

In addition to her musical performances on screen, Emma Stone also brought her singing talents to the live stage. In 2019, she played Sally Bowles in the Broadway revival of “Cabaret,” receiving critical acclaim for her performance.

Emma Stone’s musical talents have not only impressed audiences but have also showcased her range as a performer, solidifying her status as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Emma Stone’s Impactful Supporting Roles

In addition to her lead roles, Emma Stone has also delivered memorable performances in supporting roles that have left a lasting impact on audiences. Her ability to steal the show with limited screentime is a testament to her talent and range as an actress.

One notable supporting role was in the film “Birdman,” where Emma Stone played Sam, the troubled daughter of Michael Keaton’s character. Her performance earned critical acclaim and showcased her ability to handle complex and emotional material.

Film Role Awards
The Help Skeeter’s Friend and Journalist Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan Nominated – Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
Birdman Sam Thomson Won – Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Acting Ensemble
The Favourite Abigail Masham Nominated – Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

Another standout performance was in “The Help,” where Emma Stone played journalist Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan. Her chemistry with co-star Viola Davis was palpable, and her performance earned her a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

Emma Stone has proven that she can command the screen in any capacity, whether in a lead or supporting role. Her scene-stealing performances have left an indelible mark on the films she has been a part of, cementing her status as one of Hollywood’s most talented actresses.

Emma Stone supporting roles

Emma Stone’s Collaborations with Co-Stars

Emma Stone’s on-screen chemistry with her co-stars has contributed to the success of many of her films, enhancing the quality of her performances. Here are some of her notable collaborations with other actors:

Co-Star Movie
Ryan Gosling La La Land, Crazy, Stupid, Love
Jonah Hill Superbad, The Sitter
Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The on-screen chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling has been particularly praised, resulting in two standout performances in La La Land and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Her comedic timing with Jonah Hill has also resulted in memorable moments in Superbad and The Sitter, while her dynamic with Andrew Garfield added depth to the Spider-Man franchise.

Emma Stone’s Evolution as an Actress

Emma Stone’s career has spanned over a decade, and throughout that time, she has grown and evolved as an actress. Her early performances showcased her innate talent, but with each role, she has continued to hone her craft and take on new challenges.

One of the most significant milestones in Emma Stone’s career was her portrayal of Skeeter Phelan in the 2011 film “The Help.” This dramatic role showcased her range as an actress and earned her critical acclaim, including nominations for both the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards.

Emma Stone continued to take on diverse roles, including the lead in the romantic comedy “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and the supporting role of Gwen Stacy in “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Her performance as Sam Thomson in “Birdman” earned her another nomination for the Screen Actors Guild award.

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However, it was Emma Stone’s leading role in “La La Land” that truly cemented her status as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Her portrayal of Mia earned her numerous accolades, including the Academy Award for Best Actress. Her performance showcased her singing and dancing abilities, further proving her versatility as an actress.

Emma Stone’s career progression has been marked by her willingness to take on challenging and complex roles, from comedies to dramas and everything in between. As she continues to evolve and grow as an actress, fans can look forward to seeing her take on even more exciting and diverse roles in the future.

Emma Stone’s Impact on Pop Culture

Emma Stone’s undeniable talent and charming personality have made her a beloved figure in pop culture. Throughout her career, she has created unforgettable moments and left a lasting impression on fans. Let’s take a look at some of her most iconic moments and her influence on popular culture.

The “La La Land” Moment

One of Emma Stone’s most iconic moments was in 2017 when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in “La La Land.” Her emotional acceptance speech left the audience in tears, as she thanked all those who have supported her throughout her career. This moment will forever be etched in the minds of all those who witnessed it.

The “Lip Sync Battle” Performance

Emma Stone’s hilarious performance on “Lip Sync Battle” went viral and showcased her fun-loving personality. Her rendition of Blues Traveler’s “Hook” was an instant hit, and it has since amassed millions of views on YouTube. Her incredible performance was not only entertaining, but it also demonstrated her talent as a performer.

The Emma Stone Fashion Effect

Emma Stone is not only a talented actress, but she is also a fashion icon. Her red-carpet looks have consistently made headlines and influenced fashion trends. From her bold color choices to her daring gown selections, she has proven to be a style maven who takes risks and sets the standard for chic sophistication.

The Impact on Young Women

Emma Stone’s impact on pop culture extends beyond her performances and fashion choices. She has become a role model for young women everywhere, advocating for equality and using her platform to bring attention to important issues. Her influence has inspired a new generation of women to pursue their dreams and break down barriers.

Emma Stone’s impact on pop culture is undeniable. From her unforgettable performances to her fashion choices and inspiring message, she has cemented her place as a beloved icon. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this talented actress.

Emma Stone’s Future Projects

As a fan of Emma Stone, you’ll be pleased to know that the Hollywood star has several upcoming movies and projects in the works.

Emma Stone Upcoming Movies

One of the most anticipated films on Emma Stone’s upcoming roster is Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Cruella.” The movie will explore the early life of the iconic Disney villain Cruella De Vil, with Stone in the titular role. The film was originally set to release in 2020 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now set to release on May 28, 2021.

Stone is also set to star in “The Croods: A New Age,” the sequel to the 2013 animated film “The Croods,” where she reprises her role as the voice of Eep. The film was released in November 2020.

Emma Stone Future Projects

Aside from movies, Emma Stone is also set to make her television debut in the upcoming Netflix series “Maniac.” The show, which is based on a Norwegian series of the same name, stars Stone and Jonah Hill as two participants in a pharmaceutical trial that goes awry. The series was released in September 2018.

In addition to “Maniac,” Stone is set to produce and star in the film adaptation of the novel “Love May Fail” by Matthew Quick. The movie will be directed by “The Fault in Our Stars” director Josh Boone and produced by Scott Rudin. There is no official release date for the film as of yet.

From live-action adaptations to animated sequels and TV shows, Emma Stone’s future projects are sure to showcase her range and talent as an actress. Keep an eye out for these exciting releases and prepare to be captivated once again by Stone’s captivating performances.


From her early beginnings in film to her rise as a Hollywood star, Emma Stone has showcased her versatile talent and left a lasting impact on the film industry.

Her ability to deliver captivating performances in both comedy and drama, her collaborations with acclaimed directors and co-stars, and her foray into the world of musical cinema have demonstrated her range as an actress.

Emma Stone’s career progression has been marked by milestones that have continued to challenge and inspire her craft. She has become a cultural icon with her iconic performances, speeches, and influence on fashion and beauty trends.

As she continues to choose roles that push the boundaries of her talent, fans can look forward to her upcoming projects. Emma Stone’s impact on pop culture and her status as one of the industry’s brightest stars solidifies her place in the pantheon of Hollywood legends.


What are the best Emma Stone movies?

The best Emma Stone movies include “La La Land,” “Easy A,” “The Help,” “Birdman,” and “The Favourite,” among others.

What were Emma Stone’s early movies?

Emma Stone’s early movies include “Superbad,” “Zombieland,” and “Easy A,” which helped launch her career in the film industry.

Which comedy films has Emma Stone starred in?

Emma Stone has starred in comedy films such as “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “Easy A,” and “Superbad,” showcasing her comedic talent and timing.

What are some of Emma Stone’s notable dramatic roles?

Emma Stone has delivered captivating performances in dramatic roles, including “La La Land,” “The Help,” and “The Favourite.”

Who are some of the acclaimed directors Emma Stone has worked with?

Emma Stone has collaborated with renowned directors such as Woody Allen, Cameron Crowe, and Damien Chazelle, among others.

Has Emma Stone appeared in any musical films?

Yes, Emma Stone has showcased her singing and dancing abilities in musical films like “La La Land” and “Easy A.”

What are some of Emma Stone’s impactful supporting roles?

Emma Stone has delivered memorable performances in supporting roles in films like “Birdman” and “The Help.”

Who are some of Emma Stone’s notable co-stars?

Emma Stone has worked with actors like Ryan Gosling, Jonah Hill, and Andrew Garfield, creating dynamic on-screen chemistry.

How has Emma Stone evolved as an actress throughout her career?

Emma Stone has taken on diverse and challenging roles, showcasing her growth as an actress from her early roles to her more recent work.

What impact has Emma Stone had on pop culture?

Emma Stone has become a cultural icon, with her performances and public persona making a significant impact on pop culture, from viral award show speeches to influencing fashion and beauty trends.

What future projects can we expect from Emma Stone?

Emma Stone has several upcoming movies and projects that fans can look forward to, as she continues to choose roles that challenge and inspire.

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