Top Tricep Cable Workouts for Maximum Gains

best tricep cable workouts

If you want to achieve strong, well-defined triceps, incorporating cable machines into your workout routine is a smart move. Cable machines are great for isolating and targeting specific muscle groups, making them an effective choice for tricep workouts.

In this section, we’ll introduce you to the best tricep cable workouts to help you achieve maximum gains in your triceps, including exercises that are tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cable machines are effective tools for targeting and isolating tricep muscles
  • Integrating cable exercises into your routine can help achieve maximum gains in muscle strength and size
  • By following our recommended workout routines, you can develop strong and well-defined triceps
  • Variation is important in any workout routine, so make sure to incorporate different exercises to target your triceps from different angles
  • Proper form and technique are crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your tricep cable workouts

Effective Tricep Cable Exercises

When it comes to building strong and defined triceps, cable machines can be your best friend. They offer a lot of versatility and allow you to perform a variety of exercises that engage your triceps from different angles for optimal muscle activation and growth. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most effective tricep cable exercises that you can incorporate into your workout routine to get the best results.

First up, we have the tricep pushdown, one of the most popular tricep cable exercises. This exercise works by targeting the lateral head of your triceps, which is important for overall arm size. To perform this exercise, attach a straight bar to the high pulley of the cable machine and hold it with a shoulder-width, overhand grip. Keep your elbows close to your sides and push the bar down until your arms are fully extended. Slowly release the bar back up to the starting position and repeat for desired reps.

Another effective exercise is the overhead tricep extension. This exercise targets the long head of your triceps, which contributes to the overall thickness of the muscle. To perform this exercise, attach a rope or handle to the high pulley and grip it with both hands. Lower the rope behind your head while keeping your elbows close to your ears. Extend your arms to raise the rope back to the starting position and repeat for desired reps.

Tricep Cable Workout Variations

If you want to vary your workout routine and target your triceps from different angles, there are several cable exercise variations you can try. The reverse grip tricep pushdown targets your triceps with an underhand grip while the cable kickback targets the lateral head of your triceps while engaging your rear deltoids.

It’s essential to mix up your exercises regularly to challenge your muscles, avoid plateaus and ensure constant progress. Incorporating these variations into your tricep cable workout routine can help you achieve maximum gains.

Tailored Tricep Cable Workout Routine

Are you looking for a tricep cable workout routine that meets your specific goals? Look no further. Incorporating cable exercises into your tricep training has multiple benefits. Cable exercises provide constant tension on your muscles throughout the entire range of motion, promoting significant muscle growth and strength. Moreover, cable exercises offer a variety of workout variations that target your triceps from various angles, ensuring optimal muscle activation.

For a tailored tricep cable workout routine, it is essential to understand your goals and current fitness level. Whether you’re looking to build strength or increase muscle size, the following workout chart outlines a comprehensive cable tricep workout routine:

cable tricep workout routine

Benefits of Tricep Cable Workout Routine

“Cable exercises provide constant and balanced resistance throughout the movement, making it ideal for building muscle and strength without placing unnecessary strain on your joints.”

The benefits of a tricep cable workout routine are numerous. In addition to targeting and activating your triceps, this workout routine is versatile, allowing you to utilize different cable machine settings to work on distinct parts of your triceps muscles. Moreover, the routine provides consistent resistance to ensure tricep activation throughout the exercise, avoiding any slack or resting phase.

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Structuring an Effective Tricep Cable Workout

When structuring an effective tricep cable workout routine, you should consider various factors such as the number of cable exercises, the intensity of the workout, the exercise execution tempo or speed, and the frequency of the workout. The workout chart provided can serve as a base and be adjusted based on personal goals and level of fitness. It is crucial to perform each exercise with proper form and technique, avoiding any jerky movements or swinging. Additionally, it is recommended to allow a 24-hour rest between workouts to give your muscles recovery time.

Final Thoughts

A tailored tricep cable workout routine will yield significant gains when coupled with consistent training, proper form, and adequate rest and nutrition. The key is to remain persistent and avoid stagnancy. So, get creative, experiment with various exercises, use different cable machine attachments, and focus on activating your triceps to see amazing results.

Advanced Tricep Cable Exercises

If you’re ready to take your tricep training to the next level, advanced tricep cable exercises are exactly what you need. These exercises are specifically designed to challenge your tricep muscles in new and unconventional ways. Not only you will be able to break through that plateau, but also achieve greater strength and definition in your triceps.

1. Bar Tricep Pushdowns

Technique/Steps Benefits
Standing position in front of the cable machine, gripping the bar with an overhand grip Better emphasis on the lateral and medial heads of the triceps
Keeping your elbows tucked in, pull the bar down by contracting your triceps. Hold for a couple of seconds. Improved strength and definition in the triceps muscles
Slowly bring the bar back up to the starting position Prevent muscular imbalances, reduce the risk of injuries

Tip: Avoid arching your back and swinging your body while performing this exercise. Practice proper form to get better results and avoid injuries.

2. Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdowns

Technique/Steps Benefits
Stand in front of the cable machine and grab the rope attachment with an underhand grip. Targets the medial and the long head of the triceps
Curl the rope downwards, keeping your elbows close to your body and engaging your triceps. Hold the contraction for 1-2 seconds at the end of the movement. Increase muscular endurance and growth in the triceps muscles.
Slowly let the rope return to the starting position. Less stress on the elbow joints than other tricep exercises

Tip: Keep your shoulders and elbows stationary throughout the movement and avoid using momentum to lift the cable.

3. Tricep Cable Kickbacks

Technique/Steps Benefits
Attach a single grip handle to the low pulley cable and grab the handle with your left hand. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your knees slightly bent. Increases muscle activation in the tricep muscle fibers
Move your left hand from your body, carefully aligning the elbow joint around the level of the lower back. Targets the long head of the triceps muscle
Extend your arm all the way back, contracting your triceps muscle, and hold for 1-2 seconds. Improves strength and definition in the triceps muscles
Return the handle slowly to the starting position. Prevent muscular imbalances and avoid injury to the elbow joints

Tip: Focus on contracting the triceps muscle as hard as possible during the entire movement, and avoid momentum or assistance from the shoulder muscles.

By incorporating these advanced tricep cable exercises into your workout routine, you will challenge your muscles in new ways, gain more strength and definition in your triceps, and break through plateaus. Always start with lighter weights, practice proper form, and slowly progress to heavier weights as your muscles adapt and grow.

Tips for an Effective Tricep Cable Workout

Maximizing your tricep cable workouts requires attention to detail and proper form. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your sessions:

  • Focus on form: When performing tricep cable exercises, concentrate on using the correct form. Maintain a neutral spine and exhale as you push through the exercise. Keep your movements slow and controlled to avoid using momentum.
  • Adjust the cable height: Adjusting the height of the cable to ensure it matches your height is crucial. If the cable is too high, you will have minimal range of motion, whereas if it’s too low, you may strain your arms.
  • Vary the angle of your arms: Try changing the angle of your arms while performing exercises to target different parts of your triceps. For example, try doing cable pushdowns with your elbows by your sides or in front of your body.
  • Use a variety of handles: Changing the handles used in your tricep cable exercises helps increase muscle activation and prevents monotony. Experiment with different attachments to find which ones work best for you.
  • Include tricep stretches: Stretching after tricep cable workouts helps reduce the risk of injury and improves recovery. Incorporate exercises like the overhead tricep stretch into your cooldown.
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By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to an effective tricep cable workout.

tricep cable workout tips

Tricep Cable Workout for Strength

If you’re looking to build tricep strength, you’re in the right place. Our specialized workout routine is designed to target the specific muscles involved in generating tricep power, helping you increase your overall strength.

Here are some exercises and strategies to help you achieve your goals:

Exercise Repetitions Sets
Tricep Pushdown 8-12 3-4
Overhead Tricep Extension 8-12 3-4
Lying Tricep Extension 8-12 3-4
Cable Kickbacks 8-12 3-4

For each exercise, focus on maintaining good form and controlling the weight throughout the movement. Start with a weight that feels challenging but manageable and gradually increase as you progress. Remember to take rest days to allow your muscles to recover and grow.


  • Use a weight that challenges you to complete each set with proper form
  • Engage your core and avoid swinging or using momentum to lift the weight
  • Breathe in before starting the exercise, and exhale as you lift the weight
  • Use a full range of motion to fully activate your tricep muscles

Tricep Cable Workout for Size

If you want to build big triceps, incorporating a tricep cable workout into your training routine is key. By focusing on exercises that promote muscle hypertrophy and emphasizing muscle contraction, you’ll see significant gains in size and definition. Here are some tips on how to optimize your tricep cable workout for size:

Tip #1: Incorporate heavy weights

To build muscle size, you need to challenge your triceps with heavy weights. Use a weight that allows you to perform 8 to 12 reps per set while maintaining proper form. By pushing your muscles to failure, you’ll stimulate muscle growth and promote hypertrophy.

Tip #2: Emphasize muscle contraction

The key to building muscle size is to focus on muscle contraction during each rep. Use a slow and controlled movement during both the concentric and eccentric phases of each exercise. This will help maximize muscle fiber recruitment and promote muscle growth.

Tip #3: Target all three heads of the triceps

To achieve a well-rounded and defined triceps, it’s important to target all three heads of the muscle. Incorporate exercises such as cable pushdowns, overhead cable extensions, and cable kickbacks to hit each head effectively.

By following these tips and incorporating them into your tricep cable workout routine, you’ll see significant gains in size and definition. Remember to also maintain proper nutrition and recovery to support muscle growth.


By incorporating tricep cable exercises into your workout routine, you can achieve maximum gains and develop strong and well-defined triceps. We have covered a range of exercises, tips, and routines to help you achieve your goals. From the best tricep cable workouts to effective exercises and workout variations, there are options for everyone.

In addition to the physical benefits, there are numerous benefits to incorporating cable tricep exercises into your workout routine. These include improved muscle endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness. With advanced tricep cable exercises, you can even break through plateaus and achieve greater strength and definition.

To ensure you get the most out of your tricep cable workouts, be sure to follow our tips for proper form and technique. This will help you optimize your training and prevent injuries. Whether you’re aiming for strength or size, there are tailored workout routines to suit your needs.

Overall, the tricep cable workout routine should be an essential part of your training regimen. By following our recommendations, you’ll be on your way to unlocking powerful arms and achieving your fitness goals.


What are the best tricep cable workouts?

The best tricep cable workouts include exercises like cable pushdowns, overhead cable extensions, and cable skull crushers. These exercises target the triceps from different angles and provide maximum muscle activation.

What are some effective tricep cable exercises?

Some effective tricep cable exercises include tricep rope pushdowns, close-grip cable bench press, and cable kickbacks. These exercises isolate the triceps and allow for a full range of motion to stimulate growth.

How can I vary my tricep cable workout routine?

To vary your tricep cable workout routine, you can try different exercises like single-arm cable pushdowns, cable cross-overs, and reverse grip cable pushdowns. These variations target the triceps from different angles and challenge your muscles in new ways.

What are the benefits of tricep cable workouts?

Tricep cable workouts offer several benefits, including increased muscle activation, improved tricep strength and size, enhanced muscle definition, and improved functional strength for everyday activities.

What are some advanced tricep cable exercises?

Some advanced tricep cable exercises include cable tricep dips, single-arm cable extensions, and cable overhead tricep curls. These exercises require greater stability and strength, helping you take your tricep training to the next level.

What are some tips for an effective tricep cable workout?

To have an effective tricep cable workout, make sure to maintain proper form and technique, use a challenging weight, adjust the cable settings to target different portions of the triceps, and focus on the mind-muscle connection for maximum muscle activation.

What is a tricep cable workout for strength?

A tricep cable workout for strength would include exercises like heavy cable pushdowns, close-grip cable presses, and cable tricep dips. These exercises focus on heavy resistance and low repetitions to build tricep strength.

How can I design a tricep cable workout for size?

To design a tricep cable workout for size, incorporate exercises like cable rope pushdowns, cable overhead extensions, and cable tricep kickbacks. Aim for higher repetitions and focus on muscle contraction and time under tension for optimal muscle growth.

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